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First Sustainable Circular Economy Token Plastic Finance Pitch Deck.

Who We Are

Plastic Finance is a platform that focuses on plastic recycling systems. By using a circular economy approach, which benefits all parties, especially the waste pickers, our purpose is to cleanse the earth from toxic waste and give profit to our investors in the process.
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By purchasing 1 Plas Token, you can help recycle 6.4 tons of plastic per year, and you are contributing in the reducing of 10 kg of CO2 each year.

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What We Offer

Meet our team

We are a team of dedicated visionaries. We reveal the value in all that we do.
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Benny Chandra

Chief Executive Officer

Field Of Study Business Administration and Management at Institut Teknologi Bandung

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Dedy Wijaya

Chief Technology Officer

IT Professional Specialties: UML, .NET, J2EE

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Umar Abdullah

Chief Financial Officer

Experienced Head of Equities with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in equity capital market, Business Development, and investment banking. Strong sales professional with a Master focused in Management Finance from University of Indonesia.

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Mohammad Baedowy


  • Country Winner Malaysia - China Chamber of Commerce Green Award in 2013.
  • Indonesia's #1 Best Entrepreneur Award Winner, Dji Sam Soe Award Winner in 2009.
  • Winner of the 2010 National Green Industry Award
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    Dr. Iqbal Alan Abdullah

    Cooperative Advisor

    Author, Entrepreneur & Founder Royalindo Group.

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    Mochamad Indrawan

    Sustainability Advisor

  • Member of 2 IUCN specialist groups (World Commission on Protected Areas and Red List Authority)
  • Research associate at Kansas University, USA
  • Engaging with Indonesia Biodiversity Foundation (Yayasan KEHATI).
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    Ivan Indrapermana


    Industry mentor for CFA Institute Research Challenge.


    Kg Plastic Recycled


    Expert Plastic Hero

    Plastic Finance Mobile DApps

    The implementation of DApps for the purpose of increasing efficiency, transparency, and enforce data integrity.

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    Media Coverage

    As Always, Please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH Before Investing Any Of Your Hard-Earned BNB Into These Projects And Never Invest More Than You Are Willing To Lose. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT ACCEPT INVESTMENT FROM THE FOLLOWING COUNTRIES: Afghanistan, Albania, Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Canada, Cuba, Ghana, Iran (Islamic Republic Of), Iraq, Jamaica, Korea (The Democratic People’s Republic Of), Libya, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Panama, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sudan (North), Syrian Arab Republic, The Crimea, Trinidad And Tobago, Uganda, United States Of America, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zimbabwe; Jurisdictions In Which Participation Or Ownership Of Tokens Is Prohibited By Any Applicable Law; Jurisdictions Which Are Subject To United States, United Nations, Or Other Applicable Sanctions Or Embargoes.