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Plastic Finance is a platform that focuses on plastic recycling systems. By using a circular economy approach, which benefits all parties, especially the waste pickers, Plastic Finance wants to present a platform that will empower waste communities, making them more prosperous and have a higher social status in society.
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Plastic Finance focuses on plastic recycling by increasing the productivity of waste pickers. We are not disrupting the value chain of waste instead, we add value to the value chain to benefit all parties.
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The team behind Plastic Finance continues to improve the software and services at all levels: smart contracts, libraries, and marketplaces / applications. This page shows progress made thus far, where we’re headed, and Plastic Finance whitepapers. The 2021 roadmap blog post has further detail for 2021.


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Blockchain technology and stable coins can play great roles in incentivize every households and MRF to streamlines the funding of plastic recycling industry. Using smart contract we can tokenize each type of plastic regrinds and pellets, create an internal exchanger, so people and industry can have easy access to monetize the plastic waste. In Addition, we can create a DeFi Dapps so this waste can be collateralized as assets

Find out all the details about the unique project by reading the white paper An experienced team makes every effort to make their project the best in their field.

First Sustainable Circular Economy Token Plastic Finance Pitch Deck.